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Hi folks,

Oh boy, what an experience. I'm home, laid out in new recliner with my laptop balanced on my chest. I can barely walk the 10' to bathroom, the pain is so bad. This pain is like a really bad back strain with muscle spasms, it's not the incision area itself. I'm taking 2 vicodin "as needed for pain." Since the time I need pain relief is when walking, and they want me to do a lot of walking, I don't know quite what to do, esp since the vicodin isn't doing the job at all :( Am I just expecting too much too soon?

Anyway, a good 5" of staples was a surprise, but I'm told typical of laminectomy, even for just one level. They peeled dressing off 24 hrs. postop and said to leave open to the air with NO dressing. Ok to shower after three days, but no submersion, baths, etc. I think I'll still use the waterproof dressing for the shower.

Pain in leg is gone, the numbness of my left shin is gone and, for about 12 hours, the foot drop was 90% better. The PA that examined me about 18 hours postop confirmed my left leg strength was very close to the right leg, but by the time I left the hospital, the foot drop was back. PA said it usually takes about 48 hours for swelling to "set in" fully, so that is probably what is causing the foot to drop again, and hopefully will go away with swelling. I'll see NS in 10 days, but I put in call to his office this afternoon to see if he concurs.

That's all for now. If anything, the Vicodin helps me sleep.

Thanks to all for your support!

Hi all,

Thank you for your replies and encouragment; Karen, Coleen, Lisa, Linda and everyone else ... it really means alot!

Quick update: figuring out where to sleep last night was a real task ... I could not climb the stairs to bedroom, the recliner was not all that comfortable as the footrest edge hits me mid-calf and I was concerned about pressure on legs, so wound up on very firm leather couch that I had slept on for several weeks before surgery. I was sweating like crazy from pain of trying to walk which also brought on an attack of atrial fibrillation, pulse was 150 for over two hours. I have an event monitor that sends ekg to cardiologist and almost had to go to hospital for control of that, can you imagine? But it settled down enough that he let me stay home.

I decided to NOT take vicodin as it did not work for the pain and only made me feel hot, sleepy and constipated. I took three Aleve, 1 mg of Xanax and rolled on the couch for the night.

So much for quick update, I'm on a roll. This AM I log-rolled to my side and my wife helped swing me up. I stood straight up to at least 75% reduction in pain :) walked to bathroom for a nice long pee (sorry). I walked around the first floor circuit, somewhat shaky with a "spasm" every so often if I wavered in keeping everthing very stiff. I've been up and down five times from lying on couch, trying to walk the circuit around house at least twice. So all in all a whole different kind of day. I'm glad to not be taking vicodin, I think my intuitive switch to an anti-inflamatory made all the difference.

Stapled incision is now starting to itch, guess that's a good sign for healing.

Again, thanks to all, esp. my wonderful wife who is helping me at every turn. I couldn't do it without her.

Linda, I do hope your private insurer will not give you any trouble, seems if WC denies you don't they have to take the issue over? Best of luck!

Take care all,


Thom,Glad to hear you have been up and around and it's good that your not taking the vicodin if you can get by without it,I have taken 4 different anti-inflammatories and each really healped with the pain level but I turned out to have serius allergic reations to all of them!!I'm so looking foward to the day when I can be off or really cut back on meds.The itching sounds like a good sign of healing!!I have to ask you say you have a event monitor what is that for I'm not real knowledgeable about all this and haven't heard of any one else having one w/the back surgeries may have just missed that info ,do you have a heart problem or other illness that makes that nessassary??
I'm pretty sure that my insurans will start picking up I will find out soon enough as I start back at Cleveland Clinic next week and I have a 2hr. MRI scheduled for tommorrow!!
Keep doing better and keep us posted I'm so happy for you to be on the road to recovery!!