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I have a question for the veterans. I'm 6 months post op from hemi/laminectomy & discectomy on L4/L5. At 5 months I started to have some days that were pain free. I could go for maybe a week without any Vicodin. I've been taking Celebrex since the first month post op. Then within the last few weeks I started having pain behind the knee & into my calf. My pain has always been in my thigh for the most part. I'm wondering if this is common, knowing that there is no such thing as "normal" for the healing process. I called my neuro & they switched me from Celebrex to Bextra with the addition of oral steroids. I haven't taken the steroids because I didn't feel they worked several months ago. Anybody else experience this? I was so positive when I felt things were getting better, now I'm back on the bottom. What a rollercoaster this has been.

Carol W.
Carol W,

Well, on July I will have one year post/op. I tell you, sometimes feels it gets better and then all of a sudden I start developing other pains somewhere else. Those weird pain stress me out and i start having panic attacks. These weird pains will take about 2 to 3 weeks then get better. Later, something new. What I am starting to think is that we start playing games with our minds. You see, my herniation has always been on my R side. Well, after op I developed a pain on the left side. I couldn't do a darn thing. Sometimes it was even more painful than the R side. I could have argued with my NS that he missed my left side and just concentrated on the R. After few months, I started to divert my attention from that pain. I tell you, it took about 7 months for that pain to go away. One day I realized I didn't have it anymore. We have gone through so much chronic pain, that we start getting emotionally scared. I am not saying that you are making all this up. Perhaps you should relax. Per you note, sounds like you have improved a lot in just only 5 months post surgery. I tell you, at five months I was popping up Vicodin like pop corn... now I am down to half of a Vicodine.

We need to also pay attention to the physiological part of it.. and start focusing less in the physical part of it. Do you see my point?

I really really really hope you start back up improving. Be patience. :angel: