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All: This is my first post but I have been following for months.I was hit by a school bus about 4.5 months ago. I am 33 and in fairly good shape with no past accidents or medical problems. I was diagnosed with two herniated disk (C5 and C6) after a bone scan and MRI. I have never had neck or back pain before this incident. I have been in severe neck and back pain since the time of the accident. I have been in PT for two months and been seeing a Chiro for 4 months. The Chiro helps releive 'some' of the back pain...but none of the neck pain. The PT (Traction) helps lower the neck pain, nut only for about an hour or so. The Orthopedic Surgeon I have been seeing suggests only more PT (His Office PT of course)and contends that none of this was caused by the accident. There are no signs of bones spurs or any other signs of a previous injury. I take Vicodin daily to assist in the pain and seem to be having more pain as the days go on. My insurance for PT will be out within the month and I cannot affor to continue it afterwards, although it has not been helping too much anyway. I do have a lawyer for this...but he seems to think that I should just continue on this route for now.
I was against surgury...but now pray for any glimmer of hope for less pain. I work on a computer all day which seems to cause me the most pain. ANY suggestions or info would be greatl appreciated.