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Hi, I'm new here. I am scheduled to have an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion of L4-L5 w/titanium cages this Wednesday, June 30, 2004. I have awful lower back pain, horrible hip pain and numbness and tingling down both legs. My disc is collapsed. I am taking Vicodin like candy. Does anyone have any last minute tips for me? I want to learn all I can before showing up for surgery. I have 4 small children (all boys) at home ages 6, 4, 3 and 1 1/2. My husband is great and is taking time off to help me after surgery. I have a very positive attitude and am willing to do what it takes to recovery as quickly as possible. I have one of, if not the, best orthopedic surgeons in our area doing my surgery. I have total confidence in him. We have a very supportive family and friends and church family to bring meals and help with our children. I anticipate that this will only help me because I can't live like this any longer.

Thanks for any words of encouragement or advice you may have for me!

God bless,

I have had this for 5-6 years... at least a bad disc through most or all of my pregnancies. I tried telling the drs that I had horrible back pain, but no one listened. Now my disc is collapsed and in really bad shape. It does limit many things, depending on my activity level. But now that I am taking Vicodin for the last 3 weeks, I can get through the day without as much difficulty. I have built up a tolerance to it and it isn't as effective as it was in the beginning. Thanks for your best wishes. I'm sure I will be fine.

I have read through the post op tips but most of them were already mentioned to me at my initial PT and OT visits. I plan on having those things here at my house after surgery.


I really appreciate hearing your good results. That helps me put in perspective that things may just go pretty smooth as long as I keep my expectations of my limitations and restrictions in check and not try to overdo things too quickly. My husband will be good at reminding me :)

I'll come back in a week or two to update you all on how things are going. Thanks for your help. I would still love to hear more info if anyone has some. I will not be leaving for surgery until 5:30am tomorrow morning :) And I probably won't be sleeping much so I may be visiting this site a lot!