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Chelly,Good Morning and hope you don't mind me jumping in,Baxter posted her apolozies yesterday that she won't be able to be on much until she gets some things cleared up in her on back problems,she was really upset about not being here for everyone.Her post is out there I'm not sure which one!!
I can relate to all your saying it seems no 2 test are ever alike and it is very deppressing.I will put my signature at the end I'm not familar with what all you have been going through I know when you read my sign. you will see I had the series of Injection,PT, chrio. all of it nothing helped it was the discogram that gave us the answers to what is the root of my pain,I have not been able to do anything to resolve it as of yet though.
I now it is not uncommon for MRI to have different results and I can't understand why DRS take them so serious when they them self know this,also did the dr.himself review the pictures or did he just go by the radilogist report,you need to make sure DRs read the pictures not just go by the reports but that still doesn't always do it sometimes it's just the way the MRI was done the way you were laying and quality of machines there is a lot of factors in to the outcome.
I hope this helps some and hopefully Baxter or others will be able to give you more answers.I wish you a world of luck and if I can help let me know!!


6/13/99 Fell at work
WC allowed claim:thoracic sprin/strain; lumbar sprain/strain;lumbosacral sprain/strain WC approved 22 chiro visits
NO relief asked referrel to PM Dr.started PM 8/25/99 mri said to be normal slight bulge L4/5 all request for further testing denied.
8/01/01 I paid for discogram from local orthepic surgeon after given 2 4mg. shots morphine discogram found to be normal
WC approved 3 epidural inj.NO HELP
10/03/01 started treatment Cl.Clinic on private ins.
MRI:Cl.Clinic L4/5 disc bulge w/neuroforaminal impingement
X-RAYS:Cl.Clinic L5/S1 spondylothesis
3 more epidurals no help
2/01 discogram Cleveland Clinic:L4/5 disc bulge contrast moved towards posterior asppect of that disc w/midline fissures in the medial annular fibers disruption
L/5-S1 level also abnormal.
Update;at that time I was prescibed a spine cath idet/denied WC denied privat ins.
since have been living on pain meds prescribed by the approved WC PM Dr.
vicodin 10/660 4xday
neurontin 400mg.3xday
soma 350mg.2xday
oxycontin 40mg.2xday
No further treatment then meds everthing denied by both ins.
Pri.Ins found out going to Cl.Clinic because of Wc accident refused pay ment for any med. bills ended up in bankrupcy court.
6/14/03 pain worsened and many other comlications.
6/21/03 ended up going to Cl.Clinic ER was a bad nightmare,after being there for over 24 hrs. was released at my demand
X-rays showed DDD and arthritis at 2 or 3 levels.;diagnosis upon release STRAIN/SPRAIN
7/1/03 mediation to prepare for trial by jury 12/17/03
7/8/03 WC hearing to discontinue all meds,medical treatment