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Hey all

Im new here and have read this thread all I can say is im not schocked some doctors are unbelievable and really dont care I dont know if it makes a differance but my doc is younger when I first hurt myself and went to the clinic because my doc is an hour away they took x-rays and saw nothing I told him I was in pain and needed help he laughed I went to my doc and he couldnt believe it unfortunantly my ex employer is fighting my claim and my doc doesnt want to order an MRI or anything until my claim gets straightened out I take 40 mg of vicodin per day and anatriptoline sp? at night to help with rest my enitire left side will go numb I cant stand to long cant sit to long sometimes cant sleep I am in hell doc just prescribes the hydrocodone for now because it is cheap since I am paying out of pocket until the state L&I pulls their heads out good luck pam hope new doc works keep us posted all I know is that if a doc where in pain he she would do whatever they had to do and might understand