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okay here goes a bulging disc is not a herniated disc buliging is where the nucleous is pushing the disc surface out but has not yet broke through the disc now however herniated is when the nucleous pushed through the disc wall and protrudes any which way it pleases ruptured i want to sya is where the nucleous is actually leaking . i just found out that i have a ruptured used to be bulging back in march of 2003 it was bulging had dico done july16th then cat scan same day had nucleoplasty yesterday and i read my cat scan report and found out that L3-4 is now ruptured and part of the disc tissue broke off and went south as my doc put it.... and it is laying on a nerve but the nucleoplasty did some good i am now on 45mg morphine sulfate er makes me really sick t my stomach if you are going to try to see a pain clinic i would suggest looking for one that does more than just the injections where i go he is absolutely wonderful he has flouroscopy right in the office where all of my diagnostic procedures were done they even do the idet there ... and as far as meds i too had to argue the fact of pain with pcp she prescribed me soo many antiflammatorys it caused me to bleed at the stomach.. because she was so against narcotics but thats because of my age i am only 26 and i weigh 130 lbs she was worried that i would get addicted very easily well i said lady it dont matter how big or little you are when you are in pain you are in pain so i stuck with her for 3 motnhs i took percs never worked then she tried vicodin it didnt work finally after the chiropractor screwed me up more they finally ordered a mri with results that totally blew my pcps mind sinc eshe thought that i just wanted drug s and was raeally in no pain i fgot referred to a neuroswurgeon who basically told me i have 5 to 10 to 15 to 20 years to let it heal on its own becuase i had too mcuh damage at too many levels and i was too young well he in turn referred me to a wonderful doc in pittsburgh named DR> lodico for idet . well they had to try injections to see if they would work bcuz that was required to be a candidate for idet so after that didnt work i was given hcd 40mg which did nto work so i bugged the hell outta them until they scheduled nucleopplasty after the discogram was done ... but now that there is tissue laying in there somewhere on a nerve i have to have idet then possibly microdiscectomy... but i think i will hold off for a while bcuz being i had nucleoplasty yesterday i feel excellent results i still have pain in lower right back when i move certain way and in my lower shim but is sertainly is not a 10 in the hip i would say a 6 only when i move that certain way it is not constant and in my leg i would say a 4 yes i am on morphine lrgiht now to so that may make a difference ... sorry so long i didnt mean to offend you earlier but if you are gonna try to see a pain clinc tryto get one who does it all as for neurosurgeon i highly doubt they will do surgery you doc is just tryin to get rid of you and lput you off on someone else i knwo been there done it so if you can self refer try pm but i will tell you that after i had disco done b4 i had unucleo doc wnated me to see a neuor but since i had already seen one b4 him he thought nucleopalty was good to do so you may want to go to the neurosurgeon bcuz you might end up hvaing to anywaysss good [email protected]!!