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I was a little leary, the only vertabrae that will be free are L1 through L3. I'm starting to wonder what kind of stress that will put on them. I've gone pretty much 19/20 years since my first fusion without any trouble. My surgeon says he's creating a stable base for the rest of my back, and thinks I'm going to do really well. Who knows, maybe somewhere down the line I'll have to have the harrington rod removed and detach the fusion from T5 through T12. Right now, I just want to be able to run around with my six year old, exercise and live my life without this constant pain. I've been living on Vicodin and Vioxx for a 1 1/2 years and am tired of it. I'm sure my liver's tired of it too.

Your situation sounds a little different with more Thoractic vertabrae being fused, and so little time in between fusions. I can imagine you are reticent about another surgery. Is your L4/L5 fusion to correct a curve or are you experiencing the swayback from the upper fusion? My curves are fairly well balanced and I'm experience radiating pain to hips and legs. My doctor feels it's from the swayback and very minor spondy. Have you had a second opinion? Are you in a large metropolitan area with great hospitals/drs.? Keep me posted. Your'e young and that's in your favor!