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I am so glad to see where someone else comments on how they feel after a fusion since I feel like my doctor really didn't give me any indication as to what I should expect. I am 2 weeks to the day after a L5/S1 fusion. I am 35 yrs old with 4 small children and a husband who has become a superhero as of recent. I too had a sharp pain run down my right buttock to my calf that started 5 days post-op. I had never felt this prior to surgery so I was concerned. My doctor put me on 2 weeks of Prednisone and I started feeling much better about 3 days later. I still sleep in the hospital bed just so I can turn with the rails during the night and sleep at an angle. During the day I am taking about 20 minute walks (not very slow though since I walk at a turtle's pace!) and I can take a shower and do light housekeeping (about one load of laundry) and that's it!!! I still can't sit on the couch for very long and can't get up by myself, definitely can't bend over other than to brush my teeth and have decreased my Vicodin to 7.5mg every 5 hrs. or so and 15mg at night since that is the worst time. I stopped the muscle relaxer a few days ago (I didn't notice that it did anything anyways!) I am so ready to get back to my normal self, but I don't know if what I am doing is pushing it already. My husband joked this morning that he needed to check me for bed sores, but he really was joking, he is always telling me "don't lift that" or "don't walk so fast". I have a trip planned in just over 2 weeks to drive/ride 5 hours away for a vacation, but my doctor is unsure if I can sit that long even with stops, anyone out there who thinks that 4+ weeks post-op a single level fusion will be healed enough by then, I would love to hear any advice. Thank you for your post, it is always good to hear from others in your situation.