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Wow reading this makes me realize how lucky I am what a joke! If a doctor is in pain believe me they will not suffer but they expect innocent people to I think it is a power trip. I do agree with the fact that doctors are very reluctant to prescribe pain meds to the young bucks again I guess I have just lucked out Im only 26 my family doctor has taken good care of me since my injury and wont let me suffer I thank him for that there are a few good doctors out there that do have their patients best intrests at heart, be they few and far between my mother in law just had a MRI she has suffered for years she has degeneration at L2-3 L3-4 and L4-5 disc buldge at T11-12 and at T12-L1 a central buldging disc at L3 and L4-5 this is just for starters her doc gave her 20 5 mg vicodin to last for 3 weeks until she gets to see the neruosurgon and she is a PT working with patients 8 hours per day what a joke!