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I am new to this website as of about an hour ago. I am at a point with my illness where I just don't know what to do anymore. I have been looking around the site and have seen there are other people who are going through the same thing as far as not knowing what is going on or how to fix it.

I have had constant chest pains for the past two months straight and several other symptoms on and off over the course of my illness. The pain started in the right side of my chest and only happened when I took deep breaths, It has since moved into both sides of my chest, my breasts, back, neck and into the lymphnodes under my arms. I have been to three different doctors (2 general practicioners and 1 internist) as well as to the ER and none of them seem to know what to do for me. I have had chest x-rays, a cat scan, ekg and numerous blood work done but everything has come back normal.

I have been on steroids, 800mg ibuprofen, ultracet, vicodin and Vioxx. None of these meds have done much for the pain. About two weeks ago I noticed that my lymphnodes under my arms were swollen and tender and that the top and sides of my breasts are tender. I have been not able to sleep for the past week and have been out of work often during the course of this mystery illness. I have had loss of appetite and major depression set in this past week. I have also had major fatigue during this illness. I just don't know who to see now or what to do. I have been diagnosed with costrochondritis which is just a fancy word for muscle inflammation, but that diagnosis has failed since the pain has lasted for so long. My doctor quickly changed her mind when I kept going into see her. She then tried to diagnose me with the EBV virus. That is when I decided to get another opinion.

When I looked at the numbers of the blood work with my internist he said that the tests did NOT show I have the EBV virus. My internist did more blood tests but all tests came back negative. He said he is not concerned about my lymphnodes since they have only been swollen for three weeks so far.

The Vioxx my internist put me on seemed to work a little bit but my body had a nasty reaction to it today so my internist told me to stop taking it. I was nauceous this morning and woke up with a black tongue. He thinks I may have a virus and told me he wants me to see how I feel over the next week and to call him if I am not better.

If anyone has any advice or thoughts on this I would love to read them. I just can't go on living this way and I am going to fight for a long as needed to find a doctor that can help me. I am sorry if this post seems a little confusing when read. I just can't seem to cncentrate to get it all to come out in a logical way.

I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this.

Thank you,