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I am also taking 2400mg of Neurontin a day , I started out with a low dose about a year ago and can tell that it has made a difference. My first visit with my PM doc after my surgery addressed the new nerve pain I was experiencing on my left butt and leg (right leg and foot before surgery) he upped my dosage of Neurontin and my pain disappeared. I hate meds, but if they take care of my pain, I'll take em. I also started taking Avinza yesterday, my doc replaced the Oxycontin that I was taking (allegedly trying to taper off the Narcotics…good choice huh, from Oxycontin to Morphine) but I like it better than the Oxy, I feel a lot more loopy, but my pain level has come down considerably, I’m only on my second dose, I guess I’ll know more in a week or so how it affects my GI tract. I like the part about taking it only once a day verses twice daily, although I still need the liver killing break through meds (Vicodin) oh the wonderful world of chronic pain.

I agree that scar tissue more often than not, will cause more pain than a bulging disk it is a lot harder, but pain generators are an illusive lot to say the least, I hope you can get your pain under control with PT and meds and hopefully avoid another bout with surgery, Good Luck.