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I hate the "ruptured vs herniated vs torn" discs. It IS so confusing. [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif[/img] I've seen so many explanations....sometimes it gets me even more confused if that's at all possible!!!lol

I think that ruptured is more of a laymen's term and Herniated is what you'll see on an MRI report. But...if you have any questions - be sure to ask the doc to "explain it like you're 10 yrs old!" :) That ought to get them down to earth! As for the herniation - there are contained and non-contained as well. I've read alot about it....but, can't recall right off the dif. I have a bulge in L4-L5 which measures 3mm. That's what it says on MRI. Then, when I had discogram - it shows a tear @ L4 which is leaking. So - I wonder what I have???Hmmmm.

Ok....hope I helped some and didn't confuse too much.Take good care!


9/22/00 24 hour labor, baby posterior, left tailbone killing me
12/00 MRI -normal-but pain still-began taking vicodin
2/8/02 - 2nd baby born - Csection-healthy girl
2000-11/02 various PT + pain meds
11/02 Referred to Neuro
3/03 NEW MRI - slight bulge L3-L4, DDD, neural foramen,Superior aspect S1 and L5 Nerve root involvement-Neuro Refers to PM for ESI's
(2 Rt Transforaminal,1 lumbosacral,3rd one numbed tailbone little
5/9 - Discogram - shows Tear L4 w/ significant leak onto nerves, DDD
Performing doc oversedated, False Negative
7/8- Dept Head ClCl consult
7/28 - ClevelClinic for Facet Injection, changed to Caudal Epidural after seeing xray of displaced coccyx;also,coccygeal manipulation
8/12 - 2nd caudal inj/no coccyx manip
8/14 -coccyx manip AGAIN
9/25 sched appt to begin tx on Disc Tear @ ClevelClinic

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