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Quote from Mistina:
Good luck with your recovery, sounds like your heading in the right direction!!
I'll be following your recovery as I too had the previous fusion for scoliosis and am having L4 L5 fused. I'm terrified! What kind of pain did your experience before surgery and do you feel it is gone? (I forget..forgive me)
I hope that your recovery goes great!!! :bouncing:
Be good to yourself!


I can understand you're being terrified, not matter if you've done it before. The lower one is a different animal, since they went in the front and back on me. My pain before surgery was a constant dull to sharp ache all across the lower back and hips, with occasional shots of pain down the legs. Exercise or prolonged physical activity made it worse. I was living on vicodin for a couple of years, with vioxx thrown in the last 9 months or so (god help my liver :) ) I managed. When I had to go off all meds a month before surgery, yoowza!, completely reaffirmed my decision to do it.

I'm 9 days post op and it's very hard to tell if the original pain is gone, since the incision and sore muscles from the retractors, and the pain of lying on one spot to long. Each day is getting better. Yesterday was a pretty good day, made it around the block twice! My husband timed both, and I cut my time by ten minutes on the evening walk :) As hard as it is to haul yourself up, get dressed and all, the walking does help.

When is your surgery, I'll be keeping an eye out for your posts. I wish you a verrrry successful surgery.