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I posted about my back recently, I am new here. I can't sleep I am hurting so much, this has never happened before. I want to explain, this may be choppy.
I had back sx two years ago, having recurrent pain. It is bad, and is full force in two months where before it took two years and a epide. steroid inj. I really think I re-injured my low back. BUT, in additon to this, I woke up July 14, went to work and had something go wrong with my left shoulder. The pain was horendous. I didn't do anything to my knowledge (I am a CNA in a rehab hosp). Physical therapist said it was an elevated first rib and "put it back". He said he heard it "pop" back into place, that hurt more than the steroid inj.
Well, it started to get a little better, but when I would drive it would hurt really bad. But, i have full range of motion.
So, Been off work since, and with this my back is getting worse every day. I saw a doc for the shoulder, and he said it is my neck. Started PT on my neck and left shoulder. Was feeling better. Last night my neck and trapezoid muscles were very sore and stiff and my back hurt really bad. I was up til one am, which I haven't done in over a year.
Today, I was okay. Woke up with back pain, but no arm, shoulder or neck pain. Saw my ortho doc, we decided one more week of PT for the neck, return to work Aug 16. Throughout the day my back got worse and so did my "neck" pain. The spot that starts to hurt is right near my clavicle. I don't see how my neck can make that hurt.
Well, I had to take a Vicodin 5/500mg after dinner around eight. I wasn't getting any relief for my neck/shoulder or back. So, I took a bath. That didn't help. I applied ice to all the areas that hurt (seven in all: upper body as well as lower). I tried to sleep at ten thirty. Got up at eleven fifteen, too much pain.
Took a Bextra. Tried to sleep again at one am. Couldn't. Got up and took my husband's stronger Vicodin 10/650 tabs. It started to kick in but hasn't gotten rid of the pain. I tried to sleep again cause I got drowsy, but still can't sleep. It is now four am. I am scared. Never ever had this much pain. And not only is it bad in my back (L5-S1 was the inj. spot) but the left side of my sternum as well. I can't believe anymore that this is b/c my neck and shoulder muscles are tight. I was in pt three times and haven't worked in nearly three weeks. Something is not right.
I will have an MRI on my back, but may not be for two weeks and I don't see my new back doc for three weeks. What should I do? I don't think this is severe enough to go to the ER, but I don't know if I can wait that long (to make matter worse, we leave for cancun next friday for seven days, I need toknow what the lllll is going on!). Do I call my PCP first thing today and see her and try to get in somewhere else asap?? Can they pre-auth a stat MRI?? The ortho doc's office said it would take a week to get the authorization, but I have gotten MRI's within a day of the order being written (have the same ins company too). Please help me
I am sorry this was so long
I am happy to say that I will have my MRI on Tuesday. I am so relieved I don't have to wait for a few weeks. My PCP gave me a script for Percocet to get me through until we get the results back and I see my back specialist (even she highly recommended him). So, I am happy and the percocet is helping much more than the Vicodin. I am satisified. I will post more when I get the results. thank you so much!