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Hi there! Thanks for the info. This mattress felt like a dream in the store, and we've tried out a ton lately. Nothing compared.

I am 4 1/2 wks post op and doing pretty good. I'd probably be doing better had I not re-injured myself at 2 1/2 wks post op. I picked up my 1 1/2 yr old and carried him all the way down a flight of stairs. He's about 25 lbs. I was feeling bad within an hour or two. It was clear that I'd made a mistake. I was just impatient and wanted him to keep to my schedule of things. Wasn't worth it! I'm doing better from that. I think I pulled some deep muscles that were not too strong or healed yet. So back to the Vicodin I went! Yeah-Vicodin rocks! With Vicodin, I can do anything... :) Ok, not really. It doesn't help like it used to. Tolerance builds up. But it does help. For muscle cramping I was taking Flexeril, nothing. Got switched to Soma, terrible headaches. Then to Skelaxin, only thing I noticed was my muscle cramps were WORSE. Yesterday I stopped all muscle relaxers and boy do I feel better!! Those things are nasty. Anyway, my dr had originally, at my 2 wks post op check, said he didn't think I'd need PT b/c I am so active (4 boys to care for). But I went back in after my "stupid attack" (carrying my baby) he suggested maybe a little PT would be helpful :( But not until after I've re-cooped from this re-injury. I may have to do some PT after all. Probably not until Sept or so. I go back to see him mid-Sept.

I can't imagine having an Anterior and Posterior approach done. That's what you had wasn't it? Boy, that has to be really hard to heal from. Mine was just anterior. And it's been hard enough, but really not that bad. I mean overall, I'm still doing great. Fantastic compared to pre-surgery!

Well, I'm looking forward to some better nights sleep ahead. Right now trying to get comforable in our bed is a joke.

How much did you pay for your Simmons? My husband was SO impressed by the technology inside that mattress. He was sold on how the coils are individually wrapped. Amoung other fancy things about it.

Take care,
Aloha ElaineJ,

Nothing on the mattress, however, I wanted to chime in here and scold you. :nono: [QUOTE]Yeah-Vicodin rocks! With Vicodin, I can do anything... :) Ok, not really.
This is where a lot of people mess up, they are feeling good and think that they are invincible. C’mon Elaine…two and a half weeks post-op and you think it’s Ok to lift a wiggling 25-pound baby! :confused: Not to mention carrying that wiggling 25-pound baby down a flight of stairs! Are you Nutz? If you are not careful…we’ll be reading future posts from you about your second, third…fifth surgery. I know it must be very difficult with 4 boys, but you only have one back. Please don’t hate me, :angel: I am not writing this out of disrespect, I just do not want to read any posts down the road about future surgeries.

Ok, I think it is out of my system now, I hope you and your husband enjoy your new mattress. :D
I can relate to the Vicodin, I lived on that and Vioxx for a couple years before surgery. I have a 6 yo daughter and a girl scout troup and a let's not forget the fabulous husband. They got me through (heaven help my liver). One of the reasons for having the surgery was to stop living on pain pills. I had to go off everything a month before surgery and that just reinforced my want for the surgery. Now I'm on Norco post surgery and I don't think I have a pain free moment (the closest is when I'm walking). I look forward to when I can cut back down to just Vicodin. My doctor told me Norco was stronger (Is that true, sometimes I swear it's a da*n placebo.)

4 boys is a huge amount to handle.(how old are they?) I can so relate to wanting to carry him for the sake of expediancy, not to mention a little cuddle.

But alas, Carl was right, nutz woman! No lecture from me, Carl's was enough, and Carl, it wasn't delivered in your usual level of humor. Don't go slipping on us dude, I look forward to a good 2 or 3 laughs from you a day!!! :) PT might be beneficial for you on many levels, one being, getting away from the chaos at home and having a little quiet time for yourself.

I can't wait to start PT in a few weeks, I feel like I need to do some stretching, but I'm not sure what kind will help. Do your calves hurt like crazy when you firsts get up?

The bad thing about having the posterior approach too, is that I can't find a comfortable position laying on my back or even reclyning. the anterior incision seems to be healing up pretty well although it itches like crazy. Doc said that means it's healing :)

Talk to you soon.

I take your scolding with the best of intentions. I don't want another surgery either. That incident was a wake up call for me. I learned my lesson, I promise :) I did get caught up in the "I'm feeling great, I must be healed" frame of mind. But quickly reverted back to the "I just had major surgery, am I crazy?" frame of mind. I haven't done anything that stupid since, and I don't plan to.

My boys are 6, 4, 3, 1 1/2. And yes, Julie, it is hard to not want to just be their mom and do the things for them what I was put here to do. But for now, I have to modify my methods. We have taught the baby how to climb out of his crib by himself. We just put down the side, pull up a chair and he climbs out. We "spot" him in case of a slip but he does fine. And he's learning that I can't pick him up or hold him unless I'm sitting. Of course, he doesn't understand why, but he is catching on.

Oh, and Carl, about the Vicodin. I have a bit of a dark sense of humor. I was adding a little of that dark humor with my comments in the note to Julie. I joke about it but I know that it's a touchy subject for some. Sorry to get you worked up. You're right though, pain meds have that affect. They mask the pain (most of it) to give one the impression that it's gone. My husband has spoke up recently and said he thinks I shouldn't take any pain meds because the pain is there for a reason.... to remind us of the healing taking place. He's right. But it's hard to constantly live in pain when trying to go about your normal day.

Anyway, we are looking forward to the mattres coming Tuesday. Still would love to hear more thoughts about Simmons if anyone would like to share!