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In early June while lifting heavy weights, I felt a pop in lower back area, next day my leg/siatic nerve was in pain, managed to wait until July to go to doctor, ordered an MRI July 12, showed a large protrusion/extrusion l-5/s-1, July 20 woke up in severe pain, leg was numb, calf was cramped up, coudnt walk, had to go to emergency room, gave me a shot and bottle of percocet. Was in extreme pain for 5 days, took 30 percocet and 30 vicodin in 5 days, couldnt sleep, pills didnt work, I couldnt move off the floor in my room, pain was so bad I started sweating and crying, after 5th day pain decreased in half, stopped pain meds, went to nuerologist on 26, they said I should have an operation, I said no way, I am feeling better, bought an inversion table spend about 15 minutes 5 times a day, also stretch legs/back 3 times daily, taking following vitamins:
cayenne - with each meal
cats claw - 600mg/day
vitamin C - 3000 mg/day
magnesium citrate - 600mg/day
zinc - 150mg/day
bromelin - 3000/day
multivitamin - 3 times/day
aspirin - 1950mg/day
advil - 1200mg/day
2 cups of espresso a day morning and afternoon
reduced the aspirin and advil in half now

foot regained feeling, just a little tingly now, pain is almost completely gone, in morning aches a little, feel slight pain in buttock area, I have been sitting on computer for couple hours now, minimal/no pain in seated position/couldnt sit for 5 seconds a week ago. Is this unusual to recover this rapidly? Why would the doctor tell me I should have operation, even when I told him I was improving? Also, I spoke with 3 people that had worse disc ruptures than mine and they all healed without operations and never had trouble again, why did doctor say i need operation after looking at MRI for 2 minutes?