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Hello. To make my post as short as I can, I will just highlight the details of my probs first: I am a 31 year old female...

March 2003 - Severe back labor with delivering my first child....low back pain ever since!

June 2003 - lumbar xray...results normal. Treated with flexeril. Kept complaining of severe pain, so I was treated with vicodin on and off for the following year. I was told the pain was due to weakened muscles and tendons.

May 2004 - Right arm became numb, then severe should / arm pain developed. After many ER visits, an MRI was ordered and they found an HNP at c5-6. Pain lasted for 8 weeks, treated with Loratabs. Surgery was decided against and pain is now minimal in neck area.

June 2004 - In light of cervical HNP, I was able to get an MRI on my lumbar spine. The results were DDD and bulging at L4-5 and L5-S1, with annular tears. I am told this is a result of being a track athlete for 12 years. No treatment ordered.

Since I was seeing a Neurologist for my C5-6 HNP, I asked about the lumbar pain in my back, hips, and butt and brought him the MRI. He basically released me as a patient and I was told I could resume activity (even running!). I told him I was in more pain from my lower back than my neck now and I needed some relief. He referred me to a Pain Mgt Specialist and I have had 2 ESI's. I had about 5 days of relief after the first and only about 2-3 after the second. I am also having irregular menstrual bleeding and cramping since the 2nd injection and am becoming depressed.

My question is...why are all the docs I am seeing minimalizing this? I have not been able to excercise and just taking care of my daughter seems to take all the energy I have. I am always in pain. I have seen my GP, Neurologist, Pain Mgt, Physiotherapist, etc. I have been off work for over 3 months and have lost my position at work. Am I just a big Wuss? Is it even worth it to get the 3rd injection with all the side effects? Is there anything else that can be done? My docs have even taken me off all pain meds...I think the don't believe me that I am in this much pain. Should I see an another Surgeon? I am at a loss as to what to do....thanks for listening and sorry for such a long post.