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Thank you everyone for your replies. After checking the boards out for a while I have developed a backbone (maybe not a spine) and really need to call my Dr's. Last monday when I couldn't even walk I called my spine specialist because I was on the verge of a serious breakdown from the pain. I just wanted some options...something. His nurse told me to go to the ER if my pain got too bad. I've worked in the medical profession since I was 16. I work in a level one trauma center and specifically a burn ICU. I know what pain is and I really wouldn't be wasting anyone's time if I hadn't reached my limit. I also know how easy it is to be labeled as a drug seeker when you show up in an ER for a problem your already being followed (by more than one Dr) for. So why am I being treated this way? It's crazy, you break a foot and the Dr's send you home with vicodin or oxycodone but you have chronic pain and their afraid to even treat you. I tried to explain to the spine specialist how Tylenol 3 wasn't working because I only took it at night, by that time I am in so much pain nothing works. This kind of pain is one you need to stay ahead of. Thank god for pain managment Dr's, and boards like this one too! :angel: