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You've come to the right place to hear fusion outcomes, there are lots of us here,

I had mine 3 weeks ago. Anterior/Posterior interbody fusion with cadaever bone disc replacements with BMP injected into the center of cadaever disc to assist fusion. I have 6 pedical screws attached to two rods, one on each side.

The first couple days after surgery are not fun. They get you up walking around you hospital room the day after surgery. You think it will be impossible, but you do it! After a few days your walking down the halls with or without your walker and the pain has lessened. Definitely more and better drugs in the hospital than when they release you. The first few days you're on that machine where you can push the button to give yourself medication every 20 minutes.....aaahhhh.

I went home on day 6, a little shaky, but very surprised to be feeling as well as I did. Started walking as instructed and got better everday. Last Thursday, I had a little setback from way too much walking. I've been resting since then and the pain is getting a little better today. From now on I will not push myself as hard.

I'm very glad I had the surgery, as it holds out hope for me to go back to being an active mom, girl scout leader, skier, etc without living on vicodin and vioxx. I'm 44, but have the life of a 30 year old so I had to do something to keep me going.

Read the post surgery tips at the top of each thread page, there is a ton of good info there. Couldn't live without my grabber.

Good luck, keep us posted when the time gets closer and after surgery. We'll all be here for moral support and questions.

Take Care,
Julie :)