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Julie :wave:

Hi there-sorry it took me so long to reply. It's neat to see my name in a thread title. Funny that even though it's an obvious post from you to me, how many others read it :) I guess that's all part of community boards! No big deal, just funny.

Ok, I have to say I totally understand your vent. I did not read about the women who broke a pedicle screw getting out of a car and YES!!! that would freak me out too. I am fortunate b/c I don't have any rods or screws. All I have is one less disc and 2 titanium cages filled with Infuse (sp?), artificial bone graft material. I would be concerned when reading something like that also. As always, feel free to vent to me! That's what I'm here for. And I know if I need to vent, you'll "listen" too.

Pain meds... reading your post about post op pain meds - I really got a kick out of what Scott said. That the medical staff must somehow think our pain magically goes away on the drive home. Love that!! Isn't that what is supposed to happen?? HA! I just called today- AGAIN - asking for a refill on my Vicodin. Six wks post op as of this Wednesday and the nurse (named Julie:), whose come to know me quite well, said I was fine taking it once or twice a day. My dr's request for his fusion pt's is that they be off all narcotics by 12 wks. So she says I'm doing fine. Not to worry. I can see how people can get used to this med though. It can really help things. For me I'm just dealing with this deep muscle cramping and the Vicodin really help relax those tight muscles. Anyway, it is interesting about how drs feel so different about meds.

No big cooking for others this weekend. But I did made 8 loaves of zucchini bread yesterday :) A friend gives me fresh zucchini from her garden every year at this time and I make bread out of it and freeze it. It is wonderful. Too bad I can email you some :) I've got plenty. She has more for me to pick up on Wednesday. My boys (all except for Aaron, my 4 year old) love it and will eat it with every meal if I let them. Adam, the 1 1/2 year old will forgo any "dinner" food on his plate if zucchini bread is on the table and just ask for that.

Unfortunately no big rest for me today. :yawn: Ken is feeling sick. It started yesterday with a headache and achiness and today he felt like he'd been hit with a truck. Just hurting all over. He's always been really good about fighting stuff off, so hopefully it will run it's course and he'll be feeling better in no time. I'd rather have a sick kid than a sick husband any time... for many reasons.

Love the story of the bobcat raised with dogs, who believes he is one. We have a dog (a female!!!) that believes she's queen. She's a great dog. Great with the kids. She can rough house with them, and then the next minute cuddle. We've had her for about a year. When we started talking about getting a dog I made them swear if we would get one, it had to be a female.

I am a big Dr. Phil fan. Are you? Just wondered since you're close to LA if you've ever gone to one of his shows? I'd love to but I don't have any immediate plans to go to California. Most people either love him or hate him. I find most of his shows very informative. I don't agree with everything he does, but most of it makes good sense to me.

Well, I think I'll take advantage of the quiet in the house and get some rest now. Take care of yourself and I sure hope you're feeling better than last week!

Yeah, it is kinda funny that everyone can read the posts meant for specific people, but I guess them's the rules - hope they enjoy them. I wish there was a private way I could give you my email address.

Sorry to hear Ken's sick. Poor guy, he's got alot on his shoulders, I guess sometimes it finally makes you stop whether you want to or not. I hope he's feeling better very soon. Know what you mean about sick husbands, although Dave isn't too bad. I sent Dave out on Saturday for a "responsiblity free" day. The living room sanding/painting could wait, I could handle Jenna for 5 hours after her playdate, etc. These guys are taking such good care of us, plus their jobs, sometimes we (at least I) forget they need some time to themselves to recharge.

I enjoyed Scott's post about pain too, he's pretty funny. It is weird how all the different docs have different policies. Yours and mine seem exactly the same about the pain meds. I'm supposed to be off them by 8 weeks. Of course one of the reasons for doing the surgery in the first place was to get off the daily pain meds. I hear you on the vicodin, it can have a very "calming" effect, although after awhile (year or two) it seems to have the reverse effect. Is your doctor letting you take hot baths yet? I can't believe Scott gets to soak in a hot tub no less.

I left a message for the surgical assistant at the doc's yesterday, but I think they were in surgery so I didn't hear back from him. He had promised to call me today, last week, so I'm hoping to hear from him today. You know I realized, that if weren't for the spot that's tweaked, I would be pretty pain free. The tummy doesn't hurt anymore, and the back incision is pretty much healed. Which really burns my behind. The 5 days of bedrest have lessened the pain slightly, but my normal walking gait is gone. I hobble. Well, I've been hobbling around the house more and more, so maybe today I'll try to force mylself to walk normally down to the corner and back. I will take the walker, just in case.

Gosh, I wish you could email zucchini bread too, my family loves it! It's the only way I can get Jenna to eat zucchini, thank god for peas. Every time I try to make any kind of bread, (zucchini, banana) it comes out really dry. I'm a great cook, and love to do it, but I'm a lousy baker. My neighbor down the street grows these great tomatoes, so I usually make sauce when I get those.

I've never been to a Dr. Phil taping. I've only been to one taping in my life. Dave and I went to a "Mad About You" taping about 7 years ago.
Hmmm, Dr. Phil, when I first caught the show -- which was rarely, because I work full-time outside the home -- I thought he was great. Then slowly he began to annoy me. He comes off a little harsh and holier than thou. The whole weight loss thing really turned me off. Especially, since he's not exactly svelte himself. I've never really had a weight problem, but I can imagine that for those who do, it's must be a very hard battle. But, if he helps people, than more power to him. Everyone responds differently. I'm one of those people who responds to positive reinforcement as opposed to harsh lectures.

We have a dog (and cat) too. Her name's Sally and she's definitely a real member of the family. She's a Golden Retreiver and is so good with kids. When Jenna was a baby and toddler, she used to climb up on Sally and pull hair to get up (albeit unwittingly) Sally would just sit there and stare at us like "Oh well just for awhile". When she'd had enough she would just get up and walk away. She used to sleep with us too, but her hips are getting arthritic now and it's hard for her to jump up. It used to get a little crowded when the entire "household" was in bed with us.

Great to hear from you. Your posts always perk up my day. Good luck with the sick hubby. Glad to hear you're planning to get some rest in there yourself.

Talk to you later,
Julie :D