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Hi all, I'm new here, but not new to back pain. Two years ago, I slipped and fell on our deck, and herniated 3 discs and injured my tailbone. After x-rays, MRIs, CT scans a discogram and a myelogram, the neurosurgeon says he may be able to help me. I've already tried the physical therapy, osteopathic manipulation, and steroid and epidural injections. Doc says he can remove my tailbone, and fuse my vertebrae. Am on Vicodin which really only takes the edge off the pain. I can only stand or sit for 15 minutes at a time, I'm really only comfortable lying down on my side (forget about lying on my back or stomach). I had to quit my job, after trying to cut back to part time, which didn't help. I can't do even the most normal activites at home, including simply washing dishes. I really miss being able to play with my grandchildren, I can't even lift the 13 month old without hurting myself. I'm really hoping that the surgery can be done soon, so I can recover and be able to at least function half way normally again.
My sister had her vertebrae fused a few years ago, and after having a second surgery to remove a screw which was hitting a nerve, she reoprts that she can even use a hula hoop again! The thought of doing that makes me cringe (LOL), so I'm hoping that I can benefit from surgery as well as she did.
I'm wondering, though, if they can do both of these procedures at the same time. I just want it done asap. Two years is just too long, and any longer will be intolerable.
Any feedback or suggestions from you kind folks will be appreciated, even just a word of encouragement.
Thanks, Jean
Hi, and welcome to these boards. I am sorry though that you have to be here. It is so hard to get through the days when you are in so much pain. Have you told your doctor that you don't get any real relief from the vicodin? He should know that and give you something stronger.
Have you gotten a second opinion, yet? If at all possible, I would do that before having surgery. And yes, you should quit smoking....people who don't smoke fuse better and faster..and recover more quickly. I'm a smoker, so I don't say that lightly. But when I had most of my surgeries, in the '80's no one made a big deal of it...heck, we had ashtrays in the rooms, lol.
Let is know when you are planning to have your surgery so we can all wish you well.
Take care, and try to hang in there. Come here to vent if you need to.