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Sorry I've been a slacking on posting. I'm having some unusual pain when sitting the last couple of days. And it never fails, when I sit down to post a reply to you, I seem to go on forever :) My left rear muscle has been hurting causing some pain down the back of my left leg to my knee. I'm hoping it will go away soon; it makes sitting unpleasant.

Thanks for the "recipe". It sounds yummy. I about cracked up when I read your sentence about NOT using recipes. Wierd how similar we are.... One of my favorite things to make is soup. I am part of this ministry at church where we provide meals for new moms or people who have had surgery or prolonged illness. I make a lot of soup. I have had many people ask for my "recipes" and I always have to explain that I don't use them. I just make it, test it, and add a little more of this or that. It kind frustrates some who would like to make something for their family that they enjoyed. I did try once to write down everything I put in my soup and it was such a chore that it took all the fun out of my "creation". Anyway, I use recipes for things like zucchini bread but that's about it. If I make something new Ken will say "is this a new recipe?" And if it is he'll say "now, be honest, did you follow it or add your own touches?" He knows me well.

I asked Ken if he was familiar with guitarist you mentioned and he is. He said he thought he also has done some synthesizers/progressive type stuff too. I know nothing.... I just watch him play and enjoy it.

"Anyway, tonite she was my golden child, it was "yes" to everything I asked, we snuggled and read a bunch of books. I think she sensed I could not handle any confrontation tonite. I love these times with her. She can be the sweetest, most caring little peanut (my nickname for her) When she's cuddled up next to me and I can smell her hair and we're laughing or just being quiet, that's heaven to me."

Ok, that about made me cry. Can't imagine what it would be like to have a daughter. But last night I had all my boys pile up on the new Simmons and we read books. That was fun. They are pretty cuddley. They have their times. My oldest would like to cuddle 24/7 but #2 - cuddling on his terms only. The other 2 are still young so they haven't come out of their little sweetie stage.

We went to the zoo here in town this morning, just for about 1 1/2. We have a season pass so when we go we decide on one or two things we're going to do, instead of spending the entire day there. That's too much for me, and the little ones.

Hope Carl chimes in pretty soon. He has been awfully quiet lately. I didn't catch on to the "Haw'n Carl" thing. I thought of Haw'n as in Hee Haw'n :)

With my legs, it's kind of on and off. Last night I had a hard time getting to sleep. Then I finally did and was up again at 2:00am for 30-45 minutes. I would go downstairs and walk laps using big strides to stretch my legs. Go back to bed and get up and walk more. I finally took a Vicodin, which for some reason helps this, and got back to sleep. The one website I read did say pain relievers can help. Some times it's worse than others. I'm starting to wonder that the reason why I didn't notice this as bad before my surgery (although I did notice it) was because I had so much other pain in my legs, ie nerve pain, numbness and tingling... and now that that is gone. I just have this going on so it's so more pronounced. I'm eager for my appt to talk to the dr. I read there is a med that can help. It's a med used, I think, for seizures, or Parkinsons maybe. But with those disorders you take it in much higher doses. For RLS you use the same med but in very low doses and I think only at bedtime. I'll find out more Tuesday.

Better get going. My rear hurts!

Take care! And talk to you soon-
What a bummer about the butt and leg pain. Have you been overdoing it lately? It's so frustrating to feel good, then crappy all of a sudden. It's a shame your legs keep you up, you of all people need your sleep to keep up with your herd. Maybe you should just take the vicodin when it first starts so you can get back to sleep faster. Or half of one if that works.

Hope the recipe works, like you said it's hard to specify the amounts sometimes, I just do it by eye and taste. Let me know if does work.

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Yesterday Dave and I went to this mini design convention in Santa Monica that brought together lots of different design disciplines -- architecture, interiors, furniture, ceramics, landscape, graphics. I haven't really been out much, so it was a really nice treat. I took the walker since I've had so much trouble lately and that was a big help. We were there for about 2.5 hours, I sat down here and there. There were exhibiting this bed from Sweden so I layed down on that for about 10 minutes while the guy did his speil. It was fun. Tonite we're going to a birthday party for one of Jenna's classmates. It's a BBQ and the whole family is invited. Sounds like it will be a little Kindergarten class reunion. I really miss socializing. One of the reasons why I enjoy corresponding with you so much. I've actually never been much of a letter writer till now.

I too hope we hear from Carl. I miss him.

Got to go get in the shower. BTW did you watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics? Wasn't that amazing!!!!!!!


I did not watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. I don't watch much TV. I do, as you know, watch Dr. Phil. I usually tape it though and watch it later after the boys go to bed and I'm done, or as done as I'm going to be, with the housework for the day. Not too much on TV interests me. Although, I have been watching more TV since my surgery.

That convention sounds like it was really neat! On other posts, I've seen you mention you are a "Graphic Designer". Sorry if I'm a bit sheltered by "stay at home mom-ness", but I don't know much about that profession. I'd really love to know more. I think that once my kids are grown and starting to "leave the nest" I'd like to get my realtor's license. Or maybe sooner.... When we bought our house, I found all the specifics of home buying and searching the specifics, very fascinating. But we'll see, maybe my boys won't ever leave the nest. I always kid with them about how I want them to live with me forever and never move out. I think the reason why I do that is just because my parents always talked about how they looked forward to us moving out and I didn't like how that felt. I want them to feel like they're always wanted :)

Overdoing it??????????????? ME??????????????

Ok, maybe a bit. But I feel so good, for the most part. I'm almost 8 weeks post op and on my "sheet" it says I can lift up to 30 lbs at 8 weeks. I'm so close. So when Adam got up from his nap today, instead of having him climb out of the crib with the chair, I picked him up and sat down with him in the nearest chair. He laid his head on my shoulder and I just cuddled him. It was the highlight of my day!

I'm going to try the Vicodin right before bed. Sometimes that really helps. The reason I didn't take it right away last night was b/c I had taken 2 Tylenol PM before bed. It was about 4 hours later, I guess that was enough time not to be an OD :)

My boys are requesting me for some cuddle time. I better go.

See ya,

We love PBS. We don't have cable but PBS is great. I love the nature shows. Sometimes I tape them for the boys to watch. And I would love to have Animal Planet. The kids love the crocodile hunter and all the other animal shows. That's the big treat for us when we go on vacation. At the hotels, they love to watch those shows.

My legs are causing me a ton of problems this morning. For some reason, they're extra irritated today. I can barely stand it. And I only have about 8 Vicodin left. I don't want to take them unless I really need them. I may just try ES Tylenol.

Ken explained to me what a Graphic Designer does. That sounds like a really interesting job. My brother is really good at that kind of stuff. He used to do CAD stuff and really loved it. He's good with drawing and designing things. Ken at good drawer too. He can sketch stuff really easy. When we moved he took down our wooden playset and re-assembled it here at our current house. He made this 3-D drawing of it and I couldn't believe how detailed it was. He labeled all the boards with V and H's (for vertical and horizonal) and numbered them on the boards and paper. I thought that was really smart. He put it back together so quickly. We always say he was either created to be a musician or an engineer. He went with the musician. Not the highest paying of the two but he's very happy with what he does.

I am not using my computer as much as usual b/c it has been very slow lately. It's driving me crazy. Not sure if somethings wrong with the computer or if it's Juno. But either way, it about drives me nuts when I try to visit this website and it takes 5 minutes just to load one page!!!!

We're going to a fiesta after church today, at our church. We have many hispanics at our church and they are treating us to some authentic hispanic cooking. YUM! Today is the feast day of the Assumption of Mary. Guess what I'm taking to share??? You guessed it, zucchini bread :)

Take care,