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I cheat too, I have a lap top, so I can type in comfort:)
My MRI said I have:
cervical spine
C5-6 focal posterior protrusion identified resulting in a moderate central canal stenosis, and loss of normal lordosis.

Lumbar spine
L4-5 Minimal diffuse disc bulge with significant central canal and neural foraminal stenosis
L5-S1 diffuse disc bulge as well as a posterior annualr tear without significant central canal or neural foraminal stenosis.
A previous lumbar spine xray also showed degenerative changes at both sites, with a posterior bone spur at L5-S1.

The scary thing is all this happened at the same time. It is almost blessed that it did, but it came on fast. First the knee pain, then moderate back pain, then the neck thing, followed immediately by more severe back pain.

I am sick though, I feel so crappy. My doc changed me from vicodin to percocet. The vicodin wasn't helping. I was up all night til five am a few weeks ago. I took a vicodin 500mg, two hours later a Bextra 10mg, then two hours later a vicodin 650mg. It was horrible. Now, I get sick. I have thrown up twice in the last hour. AND I EAT with all my meds! I want to try so bad to see the doc before next week, something has to be done. People lecture me about me wanting sx, but I am a believer in my body and I know I would heal well. I just can't go on dealing with pain if I know sx may fix it. I know there will still be some pain, I can handle some pain. But not what I am dealing with now. I never threw up on pain meds, and I am a survivor of FIVE surgeries!!(appendectomy 1998, tonislectomy 1997, broken leg w/sx 1999, eye surgery 2001, back sx 2002). I am constipated, nauseated, in pain not only my back, but my neck, knees, leg (L), and feet. I hate to sound whiney, but darn it! I am on Zoloft b/c I am such a worry wart too. I am glad I am seeing my PCP tomorrow, maybe she and I can figure out what to do between now and next wed. I am going to call my back drs office a request that if there is a cancellation, I be re-scheduled. Sorry for all this. It really helps to have someone to talk to though. Thank you so much