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Welcome Back Shoreline we missed you!!

Thanks for the advice. I won't be having an ESI ever again. I didn't want it in the first place based on most of the comments you've made over the last months and advice. I have a great PM who is an Anethesiologist and he did it the proper way with flouroscopy (sp) but it didn't matter, I couldn't walk for two days and now I really am in more pain than I've ever been in my life. I definately need to research arachnoiditis.
I can tell you I am now having pain in both sides of the back and both hips, previously I was only having pain in the left hip.

They switched me over to the MS contin 3x's daily 30mg plus vicodin. I do ok if I remember to take the MSC. Unfortunately for example I missed my schedule by 4 hours because I slept through it and now paying the price for it. I'm trying to get my schedule right again.

At any rate, I am hoping they don't do this proceedure anytime soon. Part of my problem and especially with the ESI is that I do not respond to local's or I respond hours later. It is directly related to the EDS. When I have dental work for example we must wait 1 - 2 hours after several injections to even be numbed. So when they did the ESI for example I was not numbed at all until about 2 or more hours later. Too late then to help. I am just concerned that if they too decide (doctor) to do this discogram what will happen in terms of pain, it honestly scares me to no end.

Thanks for listening and I am glad you are finally "home"