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They are going to be pretty comparable in terms of side effects. It probably won't last the 24 hours though, they usually never do but you might get lucky. It is Morphine sulfate just one that releases slowly over time in a continuous manner as opposed to the Oxy which was in spurts of release.
You will have problems with constipation which is the most common side effect, tiredness, possible urination delay (takes a while to actually go even though you are going to burst), possible confusion.
The first few days be sure someone is with you when you take it because you don't know what the side effects will be. Defintely don't drive with it until you know for sure, you wouldn't want something happening. Definately don't drink with it either.
Hopefully you'll get a good 24 hours out of it but even if you get say 18 you are ahead of the game.

To combat the constipation make sure you take or eat 20 - 30 grams at least of fiber per day and lots of water. This is very common in anyone who takes narcotics, you may of had the same thing with the Oxy.
Oxy probably gave you a little more energy when you took it yes? Expect the opposite in this medication. Hopefully the tiredness will go away over time for you. If it doesn't gradually change the time you take it so that when the peak of tiredness hits you 'll be at home at night or in bed.

Breakthrough meds or what you called rescue are common. Do not take them more than prescribed. Most people or doctors dont take them more than twice a day. If you are taking them quite often that means your Avinza is not working for you and you need to ramp up the mg on it.

I take MS Contin 30mg 3x, Vicodin for breakthrough and flexeril as needed along with sleeping medications.