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I had to come back to just say I didn't have anything like Stormygale did. They didn't give me ANY meds prior to the procedule, other than a little Versed to relax me, which I noticed nothing from. My dr explained to me that to give pain meds prior to the procedure could possibly numb some of the pain they want you to feel so you can tell them where and what hurts. I've never heard of anyone getting pain meds like that. Maybe my dr just does it differently. All I got was some Vicodin after the procedure, but I was on Vicodin before that so that was no big deal. I didn't get any medication for the ride home or anything out of the ordinary.

The ice does really help. It helps with the irritation/inflammation that the needles may have caused. But really you'll do fine. I have a very high tolerance for pain so maybe to me it wasn't that bad. I hope it isn't for you either.