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Well Medavis, I sure hope you do get some help. My V.A. doctor told me "off the record" that Gulf War 1 Vets. are kinda screwed and his hands are tied as far as getting me the right pain meds, diagnosis and treatment. He and I both know the system and what we're up against with this whole GWI. The Govt. won't admit to anything so........ I had to apply for state Medi-Caid to get any real relief for my pain, Oxycotin Ir and 50 microgram Duragesic transdermal patches. The VA was throwing Vicodin at me but wouldn't go any farther as far as Narcotics were concerned. Feel free as you get better at using this board to go through all of OUR "adventures" with the VA on here. Maybe you have a VA physician that isn't concerned about his standing with the Veterans Admin. and will get you some real help!! Matt S.