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I was wondering if there was a difference with Hydrocodone based on the brand name drug. I originally had vicodin, my husband had loricet and I now have a script for Lortab. well, I felt the lortab wasn't helping, so I asked my PCP to refill my original Vicodin script. I picked it up and when I got home realized it was the Lortab again. All three bottles say Hydrocodone generic for .....Loricet, Vicodin,, Lortab, and all were 500mg. I was curious b/c I still had over a thirty day supply of the first Lortabs I had and now I have another sixty day supply, and it was the Vicodin I had requested. If they are the same, that's okay, I just wondered if anyone knew.
Vicodin 5/500
Lortab 5/500 = the same amount of acetominophine (sp?) and Hydrocodone.
Its the same drug. Different name.
They can also call it Hydrocodone APAP 5/500 and it's the same.