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Aloha Julie,

First off, thanks for the compliment, and second through eighth it’s going very well thank you. Yes I believe the worst is over as far as the withdrawal is concerned. What a turbulent time that was :eek: , but I believe that it was for the best. Pain? Oh ya pain, good days and bad, I do not waiver on my Vicodin dosage…three a day with my Neurontin, like clockwork, it seems to take the edge off of the pain, I am not quite ready to go without the Vicodin yet, maybe in a month or two.

My doctor released me for four hours light duty work last week, however, my [former] employer said that they have eliminated my position and have no light duty part time work for me :( , even though they have advertised to fill my former position in the Sunday newspaper for the past month and a half. That’s OK; I didn’t want to go back there with my animosity any way. So…when I am released for a more aggressive 8-hour day (probably in 4 – 6 weeks) training will more than likely be in order. And yes, I am a PC geek (wannabe, I am worried about going back to school after 24 years :dizzy: ), I dabbled in the Mac format about ten years ago, but PC’s were a little less expensive to build, so I stuck with the clones.

Wow, don’t you have a glamorous job :cool: , no wonder you miss your job so much and want to go back so soon. You have really done very well for yourself…wow! Sr. Art Director and graphics designer! This explains why you chose to use a Mac, the best graphics tool around. That is great, I wish you much success on your return and I pray that your pain will not rear its ugly head again.

Give your little peanut a hug and kiss from uncle Carl. Aloha!

You said I was one tough mama. Well dude, let me say that you are one super tough papa! You went from Avinza to 3 Vicodin a day? That is hard. Keep taking the Vicodin until you don't need them anymore okay. They are alot easier to quit than the Avinza.

PC's are a mystery to me. I know they are alot harder than the mac. I remember years ago trying to work on a pc, and I became very frustrated. My job sounds more glamourous than it is, but I do love it.

I wouldn't worry to much about going back to school. Your'e a bright guy. I have a feeling it will be fun for you. You're such a social person, I'm sure you'll have a great time in class.

Your ex employer sounds like a real jerk. You have a case, but I'm glad to hear you're not going back, I think that's an emotionally healthly decision.

Did the hydro therapy build up your strength pretty fast?

Talk to you soon,
Julie :wave: