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I have a bulge at C5-6 and had an EMG done monday that presented a pinched nerve. My symptoms started with shoulder and neck pain. It has progressed down my left arm into my hands, as well as up to my jaw and head. I get some referred pain on the right side of my body as well. I hurt the most sitting straight up and standing. Driving is the hardest for me as well as reading or looking down. I have loss of normal lordosis (curve in neck) and can't put my head back like I used to, it is painful. I also have loss of range of motion to the left side when I turn my head that direction. I don't know what treatments are available for the pinched nerve when a disc is involved. I won't know until I see my neurosurgeon for a follow up Oct. 5. I did have three ESI's today, two in my neck one in my low back where I have two small bulges and a tear. I won't know for appx ten days if this will work. Currently, I have tried many meds, switching mostly b/c I was getting sick, but now know it was a combination of constipation and caffeine. I took a Lortab before the inj, one when I got home, then had to take a percocet and another lortab. I have an appt MOnday with my PCP to get a new stronger script, probably the percocet or Vicodin. I would suggest mentioning an MRI if the xrays are negative, which they may be. I have been out of work since July with all three problems. And right now I feel pain, numbness, and tingling from my head to my fingertips, and around below my scapula.
I would be happy to discuss any further questions you may have to get you through til you get some good results with either xrays or other diagnositics. Melissa