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Hi Stephie,

I dont post very often but I thought I would give you a quick rundown on my screw removal. My first surgery was 2 yrs ago on Thanksgiving! I had a fusion at L5-S1 and cage with pedicle screws. I always have been able to feel the screws in my back making it uncomfortable to sit against anything hard. I continued to have leg pain and numbness over the next 9 months and had another Orthopedic surgeon tell me that I had compression at L4-L5 and that he wanted to do a laminectomy at that level and remove my hardware as it is no longer useful since the fusion is solid. I am happy I had them removed! It was a fairly easy surgery, MUCH better than when they went in! I was only in the hospital for 24 hours, no catheter, and about a 1 hr. surgery. The pain level was fairly moderate but better with the percocet and then vicodin. Although I have other major problems going on back there I am very pleased with the outcome of having them removed. Be sure to ask the surgeon to keep your hardware for you...I have mine in a frame on my desk at work to remind the guys I work with to quit whining!
Good Luck and dont worry....the recovery is much easier than when he put them in!

;) Diahn