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Betty, how is your husband doing? I am apalled at the way you and your husband were treated. I can definitely say my experience was not like that at all. I had a microdicectomy 6 weeks ago. Having surgery was always my decision. I was presented options and chose surgery. I was given tylenol with codene when I was released from the hospital. I think they gave me this because it is easier on your stomach. I know vicodin often makes people vomit.

I don't understand the why there is a disparity in treatment. I agree that if this is the future of health care, we are in big trouble. I hope your husband and you are doing well.

I am shocked too. I would think a surgery that extensive would require ATLEAST two days in the hospital! I had a microdiscectomy at the lumbar level and even I was in the hospital for two days. Then, sent home with vicodin and PT. I even had plexipulses on my feet(those suck). I can't believe that. How can a place like that legally operate?????