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Hi there, I am new here.
I herniated L4/5 back in 2000
I lived in LA, took ambulance ride to hospital, got shot of "something" that made me sick, sent home like keith richards after an all nighter.
After about 4 months of pain
Had 2 endoscopic discectomies (first one didnt work)
actually I dont even know if 2nd surgery worked.
Went thru PT, which made pain worse.....later though...
see thats one of the many "screwy" things about this problem.
You can do something and not feel instant pain, but that night it can be horrible.

Moved to San Francisco, drank alot to ease the pain, gained weight.

was at end of my rope, laying on heat pad almost crying from pain.
Traveled from San Francisco to LA and got an experimental local shot of embrel.

Went home and had the worse flare up my life.
Pain persisted.

Decided to move back to mom's house, basically "giving up"
"going home to die"
as in..

I needed to go somewhere where I didnt need to work to pay rent, and just lay in bed like it was a hospital and just "be"

started to feel better at moms house.

maybe it was the lack of stress?, maybe it was getting drunk everynight because I was a 35 year old living with my mother?
maybe the "embrel" worked and it just needed time?

whooooo knows

got better thru time, in 2 years of basically "laying around" and editing video in bed on a laptop (I am an editor)

I was "almost normal" kind of a modified lifestyle guy.
I didnt bend over, I didnt stand for long periods of time etc etc

but I was "hey, lets go on a drive to the mountains" guy

SO, I move out to own place.

I do a little lifting, nothing that hurt, just bags of clothes, pick up that sock, etc etc

then I fly to SF to get my stuff out of storage and then drive 8 hours back


new symtoms of numbness in right leg (original injury was left)

so i pull over to urgent care

He shoots me with an anti-inflammatory.

I get vicodin

that night,


horrible back pain with leg pain

I wonder....wait, maybe I "flare up" over shots,,,because the embrel made me do that and am i so in tune with my body that I knew i was gonna go down?...or did the shot make me flare?

back on my back, the word is over, oh man I was having fun for a while huh?

so here I am, week 4 of bedrest.

taking generic vicodin and flexeril

trying to jog my memory on what worked and what didnt

I am a cash patient, so I dont have a new MRI

and even if i did, I think I know what they would say (I have done it all before)

do PT, if it hurts then stop.

ok, sorry I will stop,,,such a long story, but thats me so far

anybody got any advice?

how long did it take for you to feel better?