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hey there..
just curious is you all of an opinion on moving around vs just laying in bed while trying to recover from a herniated disc

when doing research, the majority says "bed rest can be counter productive, move around, go for walks, start your PT"

but then they will follow up with "listen to your body, if it hurts dont do it"


we are "in pain".....damn right it hurts!


here is am laying in bed, week 4 of "recovery" on vicodin and flexeril wondering..."whould I go for a walk?"

because it doesnt always hurt the moment you do "something wrong" it can wait till bedtime then BOOM, you are bad

Some people even say "dont take drugs, your body needs to know when its hurting things, so It can make changes"

what is your experience?
yes laying in bed can and will cause your pain to cause stiffness. walking even if its around your house would be good. do a little at time. herniated disc can hurt bad and i do believe your pain it does hurt. you do what you can and try to definatley listen to your body. it will tell you when its had enough. have you been using hot and cold pads? i personally and a couple of my friends have had bad reactions to flexril were it can cause you to spasm more, ehich cause more pain. i was given it for scoliosis and my back spasms and two days later i was back at hospital because they were worse than when they gave them. also vicodin is good but it its like eating tic tacs they dont work on me.
I have done the hot and cold pad's

the heat last night seem to make it worse

I will try cold...i suppose they make packs you can lay on?

dont feel like laying on a bag of pea's

yeah the vicodin dont do much

the flexaril seems to treat me fine..

I would imagine since it is a muscle relaxer, maybe it relaxed your muscles, therefor "moving" them and causeing a spasm?

just a guess...

sure would be nice if doctors were so logical
I did two 10 min walks, and it felt kinda good.
I came home and felt a little more confident

then again, I am on vicodin and flexaril..

maybe I just feel a tad bit better because of that

I will know sometime around the middle of the night if this "aggravated" anything

having some tingling in left foot toe's

walking seems good, standing still sucks

man, if I stand still for 10 mins, I am totally screwed,,

I dont know what my point is, just reporting "stuff"
just a note,,,,
pain has turned to sort a an all over nervous sensativity

you know how the "pain" can be "electric"

Today, when I woke (the drugs worn off)

I felt every "sensative", like if i drank 100 cokes...

I am sure if a dog barked i would have jumped out of my skin

the thought crossed my mind that vicodin is habit forming

I wonder if I stopped taking it, how I would feel,,,,in a "habitual" way..

dont really think thats it

I think that since my pain was lower back and right leg sciatica, that its a nerve thing

from feeling electric pain to nervous as hell


just reporting this in case it help's anyone

or if anyone wants to chime in and say "yep, happened to me too"

have a great night