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hey there

just curious how many lower back L4/5 style herniation suffer's feel electric pain vs dull pain?

what i mean by electric is, sort of an open nerve kinda pain, "electric" best describes it

I have more of this then, your traditional "owww it hurts!" dull pain

the sciatica I had down my right leg is now gone, but the lower back "electric" is still rampant

and I have occasional little tingles along toes on both feet

perhaps this is progress?, because it used to be "oh my freaking god" lower back dull AND electric pain and also down the right leg

I am still taking flexeril and vicodin every 6 hours...i can set my watch by the way i am feeling

I know within mins when 6 hours have elapst.

I seem to be able to take a couple of 15 min walks a day now (under medication)

and it doesnt seem to aggravate anything later that night.

I used to think the pills did nothing

but now, i can see their effect...

there is a definate "help" with the pills now, which I didnt see before

Hunni, I am confused, are you taking hydrocodone or tylenol with codene? Hydrocodone is the generic name for vicodin. I had tylenol with codene when I was released from the hospital after surgery. After about a month, the only reason I was taking it was my foot (including the zingers). I talked to my doc and switched to neurontin. It helps my foot pain much better than the tylenol with codene. Nights are still a little tough but days are fine. I hope you are doing well

Keith, the pain I experience started out very electic but the neurontin kinda turns it down. I still get the "zingers" as Hunni calls them. I think of them as buzzing. Anyway, the neurontin really has helped. I hope everyone has a restful night.

Hydrocodone is the generic for Vicodin... it is a narcotic analgesic and acetomenaphine (which is in tylenol) it is completely different then something like tylenol 3 which is tylenol with codeine.

I dont know if what i have would be "zingers" persae' but I have the burning, tingling, feeling in my legs, and the achy, sore pain in my lower back and hips, and also have the crawling feeling in my legs, I find myself alot looking down to my legs to see if something is crawling on my legs and nothing is there..also get muscle spasms in my legs alot... and also feels like my legs have charlie horses or catches in them... neuro said that is all signs of nerve problems...

They put me on Keppra... and I have had one ESI.. go for my second one tomorrow.... only thing the combo of both of them has helped is the serious pain I have been having in my toes on my right foot... it is still rears its ugly head from time to time...

Anyway I hope yall start to feel better soon..

Take Care
hey all

I am not POST OP

well i guess I am from 2 years ago

(I hate endoscopic discectomy 2 years ago)

this is a new herniation (self diagnosed because it has all the lovelyness of the first confirmed one)

no one ever gave me the drug you mentioned

right now I am not being officially treated.

since I am a cash patient, and have done all this before and nothing helped but time.

when i WAS being treated no one ever gave me anything but tylenol, robaxin, vicodin, flexeril
I have a bulge at L4-5 and L5-S1 and have all those symptoms. I had it before my surgery two years ago too with the initial bulge at L5-S1. I just relied on anti-inflam meds and vicodin (hydrocodone). If I have surgery and still experience the burning I will request Neurontin again. The first time I used it it didn't work, but I was on a pretty low dose.