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hey there
ok this is kinda odd, but I am recovering from a back flare up (herniated most likely)

and in the beginning when I was in horrible pain, and when it would really come on strong.

my penis started feeling like it was twitching

(not trying to be funny, this not an elaborate lead up to a punchline)

it was NOT visiably twitching but it sure felt like it

now I am feeling a bit better

slowly recovering and on my vicodin and flexeril..

my sciatica seems gone, and the electric back pain is a bit better

most of my pain was "electric" pain

anyway,,,went for a walk, and my penis felt like it was twitching

when I lay down,,,,nothing

I am the most comfy I have been in a month,,

but as a test, if I touch it or try and use it for fun

(sorry but I dont knwo how else to put it)

it just goes crazy with this twitch!

but once again, it doesnt look like it is twitching

its verrrry weird

I looked up the phrase "twitching penis" on google

I know, I know, I sure got some interesting stuff back...
but i actually found a forum where someone asked about it and some one mentioned maybe be spasming BC muscle

I dont know what this muscle is or if he was even right

but the poster mentioned sciatica as a problem he also had

I know this is strange but I aint kidding

I just got done participating in a post about penile numbness, so ,this stuff is happening

so anyway

"use" it or "walk fast" it twitch's

I have no loss of bladder control or incontinance, no saddle numbness , no scary stuff

just good old fashion hell on earth back pain, which is getting better

but if i try to use this "thing" its a crazy "stop it now!" twitch

any idea's?