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hello ..

just looking for a little hope here

I have previously and frequently posted but for those who dont know,
had L4/5 herniated, had endoscopic discectomy about 3 years ago, dont know if it did any good

felt the same after surgery.

years have past, felt pretty good last year, was happy, it was my first "GOOD YEAR".
kinda thinking it was that TIME theory, that in 4 years people with surgery feel the same as people who went without.
I think all the PT and the surgery and the pills were just "making the ride easier" and TIME is what made me feel better


I re-herniated, dont know at what level, had symptoms in right leg (last time it was left)
but the "back pain" is the same

leg symptoms are going away

have some tingling if i sit to long or stand to long in outer toes

anyway, i am on flexeril and vicodin, and 3 weeks ago it didnt seem to make a difference, but now it seems to (I suppose that's a good sign , PAIN that can be CUT)

going to a low income doctor (sliding scale) tomorrow
and not to sound jaded, but having "been through it before"
i really dont see doctors as saviours anymore.

I actually look at them and shower them with the theories and info I have scoured up MYSELF.

they usually dont have a chance to speak...tomorrow i am gonna shut the hell up and play dumb.

I expect her to do the neuro tests (feather on legs) strength etc etc

and then tell me to get an MRI (which I cant afford and even when i had an MRI before surgery last time, it just confirmed that the pain wasnt in my head, and they said "why dont you wait and come back in 6 weeks")

anyway, dont mean to be my worst enemy, just wondering about those of you who have had this before and got thru it..

how long did it take?.

this is assuming "people can get better"

because I did in the past, I was sort of saying this is a "flare up" and maybe since I am a veteren it may get better faster...you know, there aint nuthin like the "first time"

because I am on week 5.

last night I actually had a moment where it didnt hurt, it was amazing, I was watching TV in bed and realized "holy &#[email protected]! i dont hurt right now", then I moved and it came back..

I can sleep now (thanks to the pills) and my leg symptoms have lessoned.

I tried to NOT take the pills this afternoon to see how i would feel without and sure as hell, in about an hour i was reaching for them!

went for a 15 min walk and was very glad to get home, my who body feel's "sensative" like an open wound.

yesterday i walked and felt almost human

I was imagine, during recovery (not from surgery but from an "attack")
maybe there are ups and down as your body works on it.

sorry about speaking kinda scattered and such, I am a scattered kinda stuttery guy :}

I am just wondering about other people's timelines.

any body care to chime in?

thanks so much