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Aloha mel, :wave:

I feel for you, not too long ago I took several tests similar to a college entrance exam for vocational rehab for my W/C case. I was scared to death, I was taking a substantial dosage of Avinza (morphine sulfate), Vicodin, and Neurontin. I was thinking to myself that if the pain wasn't going to affect my ability to take the test the meds certainly would. But I passed!

I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason. If you want it bad enough and it was meant to be, you will do fine. If you were meant to do something else, than you have to accept that too, and do the best you can about dealing with that scenario. I don't mean to sound harsh this is what guides me. But it sounds as though you really want this, so you're half way there, I am sure you will be fine, this is something that you want a great deal so don't hold back, tell yourself that you will succeed, visualize it, make plans for when you get your RN's license, you will be fine. Good Luck and God Bless.