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Thanks to everyone for keeping me in their thoughts and prayers
this past Tues. I went to the hospital at 11:30am, they took me
to surgery about 1:30pm, they started IV's and gave me Versed(?),
I got to my room about 5:00 or so, then went home at 6:30pm.
From what my husband told me- I did great-surgery went well- that's
what my ortho said. I had a bilateral L5-S1 discetomy. I see my ortho
next friday, as to when I can get back to work, I assume?!
He gave me Vicodin with tylenol in it and it has been working very well
for my pain meds. I have back exercises to do, 4 times a day and those
seem to be going as well as can be expected. Didn't realize how much
muscle and tone I had lost.
I also have a better attitude, since my surgery. I decided to lose some
weight, since I am a diabetic and start a diet. At least, cut down my
portions and watch my sugars. Maybe this will also help the neuropathy
in my feet. And my family doctor put me on efexxor(?) instead of paxil
cr. She said this medicine, has helped her alot. Maybe I can get back to
work, before the holidays. Just have to wait and see.... :angel:
Bouncing back, :bouncing: by leaps and bounds.................