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hey all
sorry if I am posting to much, you know how it is to be "looking for hope" on a back pain message board

anyway, i just wanted to pose this question
This question is about herniated disc's

If 80-90% of herniated disc problems heal by themselves
and in 4 years, people with surgery have the same level as improvement as those without surgery.

and that the word "fusion" in the dictionary has pictures of people having nightmares next to it

and all surgery is considered a "last resort"

then why is the majorty of people on this board having fusion?

I dont mean this is a condenscending manner, really

i say this in all innocence

is it like I am right now?, the pain being so bad, I feel like something is going to literally explode?
is it after 3 years of waiting? and then seeing an MRI with the disc being as slipped as it ever was?

i am laying here in extreme pain with a bag of frozen veggies under my back, a full script of vicodin and a full script of flexeril....shaking with pain, and can hardly breath at time's

and i have HAD endoscopic discectomy 2 x, as in they operated once, gave me 6 months and did it again at the same level because "they might not have got it all"

I didnt feel a bit better after surgery, or even a year after it

even 2 years after it

year 3, for no reason at all i felt better, and now i have re-herniated.

after going to doctor today she agreed that surgery doesnt seem to be a option, since it didnt work before.

i understand there are many kinds, but you know what i am getting at

so is everyone having fusion and the other's waiting?