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Hi everyone, I hope you all feel better soon

My name is Liz, and my mother and I were violently attacked in early june by a family member. I was hit repeatedly in the lower back with a baseball bat shaped piece of wood. I was in pretty severe shock when the paramedics showed up, and I refused medical attention, thinking I would need to donate blood for my mother. I started having pretty severe back pain as soon as I was out of shock. Well, I finally saw a doctor about a month later. My problem is that my doctor doesn't seem to want to deal with my back pain. He seemed more concered with dealing with my stress and insomnia. My pain has been consistent since I was attacked, theres not a day I'm not in pain, and my legs have started acting up as well. The doctor woulden't even put me on pain medication untill recently, and its a very low dose of vicodin. I have to take two or three to even expierience some relief, and the days without anything are pretty much unbearable. I'm also on skelaxin which isnt really helping either. He won't even give me an x-ray, because he says if it was a fracture I woulden't be walking. I'm in horrible pain, some days barely moving at all. If anyone has any suggestions or advice, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you for listening, and I hope you all feel better soon

Hi again :wave:

I want to thank you all so, so much. It's so nice to see caring people actually exist :) I've actually gotton more information in one post on a message bored than I have after three months of continuous doctors appointments. My mom has actually been seeing the same doctor, and now that I've thought about it I really dislike how he's dealing with her injuries as well. Her head was cracked open and had to be stapled shut. He's done absolutly NOTHING to help with her headaches, dizziness, ect. Aparently all he knows is how to prescribe extreamly low dose pain meds and various other pills that don't work :rolleyes: We'll be looking for a new doctor very very soon.

The man that attacked me was actually a Schizophrenic. He had a hit list of about 15 people he was planning to kill. I ended up having to stab him.

I'm a bit nervous to seek more help, as both doctors i've seen treated me horribly. It almost seemed as if they didn't believe how much pain I was in. Maybe they're not taking me seriously because I am young? Whatever it is, I haven't been listened to at all. They told me it was most likely a muscle tear and to put ice packs on it and take motrin, or a 500mg vicodin for 'break through' pain. I've had stronger meds for a root canal. I have absolutly no clue why no one will listen to me. I saw a different doctor recently, because my normal one was vacationing and I needed more pain pills. The only thing she did was ask me to touch my toes, suggested I see the chiropractor, and , after a lecture about addiction, gave me a prescription for *20* vicodin, which were gone in about 2-3 days. I really have no idea what to do if the next doctor is like this.

I'm sorry this was so long! Just can't shut myself up sometimes ;) Thank you all so much again, you're all wonderful people for being so kind to a compleate stranger. I hope everyone makes a full and quick recovery.


Oh, and one last question, is there a specific type of doctor I should be looking for? I've been really leary of the chiropractor, just because anyone touching my back hurts, much less cracking it, ect.