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:wave: Hi there,
I am so new to RSD board postings. This is my first one. I have had RSD for almost a year and a half.

As far as blocks are concerened, it is a routine expectation to have a very warm feeling in the extremity that the nerves are injected for. With the way it helped for a short period, proves that you do have Sympathetic Nerve involvement.

I had a Stellate Ganglion Block in my neck supplying the nerves to my right arm. It did get very warm indeed. I got about 50% relief and then after 45 minutes it backed off to 20%.
I was sent directly to therapy to see how much movement I had. I was instructed to back off when the first sign of any pain occured. Well, I did this and my Therapist started passive ROM. It started to hurt and I told her what Dr. Jasper had told me. She said well you aren't doing I am.

Of course by the time I got home I was flared more than before the block was performed that morning.

At least there was proof of sympathetic nervous system envolvement. Dr. Jasper was not please. He said that it did not matter who caused the pain it the motion should have been discontinuied immediately.

I am so depressed about it all. I do not know if I want to have another one. The complications of one in the neck are:
Collapsed lung, Paralysis, Death to name a big one, Thyroid puncture causing a thyroid storm which will cause death, puncturing the esophogus, etc...

Should I go in for another one?

Yes, the cold weather always sets my RSD off. It is horrible the deep pain and dry ice feeling instead of only burning. I am on Nuerontin as well, along with Flexoril, Paxil and Vicodin. I was taken off Percocet which helps much more. I am always in pain, the level doesn't go below 7 on scale of 1-10 of pain.
-Thanks for listening