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Just curious if anyone has been prescribed pain pills for the pain such as vicodin/percocette? May be my only option to rid the pain. And if so, how hard was it to get it prescribed?

Thank youuuuu!
I take Ultram but it doesn't help me much anymore. I'm finding that I'm having to take more and more of it as time goes on to get any pain relief. I have a hard time getting my doctor to prescribe me any decent pain meds because she's afraid I'll get addicted to them. Some doctors don't understand how much pain TMJ causes unless they have it themselves. If you're seeing a doctor, I would ask them to let you try Vicodin to see if that helps your pain. It's the only thing that helped me in the past. Flexeril didn't help my pain and made me really tired for two days after taking it. Good luck to you.