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I've had hemorroids for thirty years. Since my pregnancy. My anus is surrounded by them. I also have internal ones. The external ones are the ones that become thrombosed and bleed. More and more lately.

I take Miralax lately due to chronic constipation. I have Multiple Sclerosis that affects my digestive system meaning I don't have urges to have bowel movements so I have to sit in the morning and wait to go.

I'm going in Wednesday to have a few of them removed in the doctors office. He will inject a local that should last for about 12 hours. Plus he gave Vicodin to take before hand. I know its going to be painful especially afterwards.

Any advice on how to make my aftercare more comfortable? What is the best pain med to take? My primary said if I was in a lot of pain he would give me a shot of Demerol plus I have Fentanyl patches that I can use.

How painful is this going to be?

Thanks for any advice.