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I do not have herniated disk but I have a bulging disk they say not enough to do surgery.
in the L-4,L-5, S-1 area. it has been over a year and I was told the nerve damage was permament. I have had every test and have been to 9 doctors. the burning in my hips and legs drive me crazy. and I have been on vicodin it just jumbles my mind . with the other meds. I forget alot. I pray you will find the treatment you need and please keep us informed.
Okay now, Breezy and Betty, you guys are really beginning to scare me now, because my symptoms are very similar to yours, and I only received about 25% relief from my first ESI Nov. 8th, the benefits of which I feel are decreasing already! If this is true, that they are just trying to rule out things, I am in a world of hurt! It is amazing that we all speak the same language of pain. People who do not face the daily prospect JUST DON'T GET IT, do they? I was having the "are you addicted" conversation with my wife yesterday about vicodin, and she just doesn't understand the idea of how valuable a couple hours of relief is.

About the surgery, I am a big believer of do the research (which you are obviously doing), weigh the pros and cons, evaluate the confidence level in the Doc, and if you decide to jump, be prepared to do everything they tell you to do! We all wish the best for you, as only we can!