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I've had terrrible diarrhea for months along with awful pain in the upper right that accompanies an aching in my right shoulder. Two weeks ago I finally went to the Doctor who did an ultrasound and found what he described as "multiple gallstones". He gave me a prescription of Vicodin for the pain but I got no relief at all. Yesterday, in tears, I called him to beg for something else so that I can at least sleep at night (the pain is worst at night and I haven't slept thru the night in more than a month!). He gave me Darvocet, which I have never taken. I like the fact that it doesn't make me as groggy but it does little if anything for the pain either! HELP...can anyone reccomend something that will actually help me? I really am desparate. I have a consultation with a surgeon this Friday but with as much pain as I am in it seems sooooo far away. Hot baths sometimes help a little but the effect wears off right after I get out. I've all but eliminated fat from my diet but it has gotten to the point where water produces the same pain!I am affraid to eat anything and am loosing weight like crazy. All the meds have slowed the diarrhea down so I'm happy about that...LOL...Any suggestions are welcome. I see my primary doc tomarrow and would love to go in and say "i've heard that "this" works for the pain and I'd like to try it"n THANKS!
Katie G...
Thanks for the support. My appointment went well this morning. Doc wants me to try a combination of the Vicodin and Darvoset, hoping that will provide some relief. I have a phobia about swallowing pills so this just increases my anxiety level. I see the surgeon on Friday and I'm BEGGING him to just take the darn thing out!!! It's nice to have a place to come and talk to people who know what I'm going thru. Will let you know how Friday goes.