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Thanks for all of your support and information. My sphincterotomy is scheduled for October 17 2003. I can barely spell it, let alone have one done. I am scared to death! Is the pain going to be unbearable or even worse than the hemorrhoidectomy? Currently, I have one bowel movement a day and it is bearable, but afterward the thropping last for about eight hours. It is so painful, sometimes I can't even see straight. It is a nagging and constant throbbing pain. I can't wait until this is all over, so I can try to lead a normal life. I feel blessed to have all of you who care enough to write me back. I know I must sound like a big chicken, but I can't help it. The last time I had the surgery for the hemorrhoids was May 2, ,2003. My doc had me using vicodin for pain. Then, by the time I had the surgery the vicodin was not effective. So, after the anesthesia wore off, I felt no relief from the pain meds because my body was used to them. This time, I have refused to take any vicadin because I do not want to become immune to them nor do I need the constipation. Any suggestions/comments are welcome. I appreciate you all!


I felt your prayers and reading your post makes me feel better already. I had my surgery yesterday and I am feeling much better than I did with the Hemorrhoidectomy. My doctor has me on clear liquids for one week. I did not know this was going to happen. I am acutally a bit hungry. I am taking the vicodin and was able to hobble over to the computer to check the new posts. The pain is not as bad as before but I just wonder about my first BM? I am drinking soup, juice, water and resting. Also, sitz baths. I think the surgery went well. My doctor talked to me afterwards and I don't remember a thing. The nurse said I was pretty knocked out. I have a bit of gas, but not too much. When I pass it, I only hurt minimally. Thank you for your prayers and I will continue to rest and get better soon. Take care. Words cannot express how helpful your encourgement is/was. Thank you again. Your advice helps a lot.

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