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This is very weird but my jaw muscles are tight and achy. A couple of times when I was chewing my jaw kind of started clicking...very odd. Right now it feels like I have been chewing on something very hard and chewy....like after I have eaten a hard roll. You know how your jaw muscles tighten up when you chew a lot? Also has anyone else experience the tip of their nose vibrating? That is another really strange thing that has happend a few times.

My leg tingles have subsided quite a bit and only happen occasionally. Sometimes I think that depends on my position or if I have been sitting a while I can feel it when I start walking. My calf cramps are minimal now as well. And the tingles in my cheeks come rarely now. I do still get slight muscle twitches all over my body. Not big jerky spasms...just tiny twitches that aren't really visible if you are looking at it. However, I am absolutely exhausted still! By 2pm I am ready for bed. I don't know if that has to do with the fact that I am not sleeping all that well or not. My broken shoulder does not help with that. Last night I took 2 vicodin for my shoulder pain and went to bed at 8pm. By 10:30pm I was wide awake again and could not sleep for more than 15 minute intervals off and on for the rest of the night.