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Yep, had my 2nd session today. Still not fun. I got a little ribbing about not doing them at home, but not too bad. I was just so sore and my normal everyday pain is just intensified. I even got a massage today and it hurt too, boohoo.

I don't like taking the meds and told her that, but she insisted I take them at least 3x day. Yeah, the valium is for muscle relaxer. Am I having problems sleeping? Nah, no trouble sleeping cause there is no sleeping, lol. Last night I took 2 vicodin, a valium, the trazodone they gave me for sleep and was still up until 5:30 this morning. I took another trazodone and finally dropped dead I think from exhaustion. Then I had to get up at 11 so I could get ready for PT. And to top it off I have to do all the exercises again at 7:30. Oh man it's almost that time now. Plus she wants me to go to the track and freeze while walking 10 minutes 3x day. Then on the days I don't have PT I have to do the walking plus do the sets of exercises twice. I think they want me in the hospital, lol.

After sweating over taking that test, cause I have no short-term memory, she didn't grade it before I left and didn't mention it today. So no, I didn't get any stickers. Man was I upset over that one, lol.

Well, I hope you guys have a pain-free evening.
OK, I just finished an hour of my at home excercises and I honestly feel like crying.
Txhunni, please tell me again it will get better. I soooo need to hear it. PLEASE!!
And this is after taking 2 vicodin before I started.

This sucks. Sorry guys, I needed to have a little pity party.